Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Furry House Guest

For the next few days, there is one extra four-legged resident of Casa Heberlein: my friends MP & TP are out of town for a few days, and I'm watching their pup Belle while they're gone.  She's a little skittish around people she doesn't know, but overall she's such a great dog.  I'll always be a cat person, but I've gotta say it's a certain kind of special when you wake up in the morning and she's right there thumping her tail, so excited for no reason other than that I'm awake.

The one iffy thing about all of this was how Lucy was going to take it.  She's never been receptive to other animals in the house, although most of her experience is with cats.  Slowly but surely she's getting used to it (and if I think about it, I'm actually impressed that she's come this far in just 2 days).  Last night she slept on the same bed ... although I think it was with one eye open.  Oh well, just 2 more nights and then she'll have the house to herself again.  And yes, before you ask, Lucy has a room that she can retreat to with her food and litter box.  I blocked off the office door with a latch and eyelet so Lucy can squeeze through but Belle can't.  And she's eating her food so I know she knows.

Also, good lord does this dog shed.  And black hair is WAY more noticeable than cat hair, as I'm coming to learn.

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