Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yard Projects - part 1

There's a LOT I want to do with this yard: re-mulch all the beds, properly edge and expand most of the beds, trim and tie up the roses on the garage, rip out the monster-vine, identify and plan for the rest of the flora, think about outdoor entertaining, and much much more.

It's going to happen one step at a time, though.  So, here's the first small project from a long list: there are two trees in my front yard, neither of them have proper mulch beds.  The grass just grows right up to the trunk, which looks dumb and makes mowing super difficult.  So Saturday afternoon, I tackled the smaller of the two trees: trimmed a few low-hanging branches, dug out & edged a mulch bed, filled it with mulch, and fixed it.  Ta-dah!

Also, bonus picture: these are the garage roses.  I didn't trim them at all this spring, and then I was away for a week that brought them a ton of rain and sun.  The result were these 10 ft monsters that you see before you.  By necessity alone, this will probably need to be the next project.

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