Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's Still Hot as Blazes

The AC repair appointment is scheduled, but until then, I'm living in a dystopia.  Seriously guys, my house feels like a cross between a tropical disaster zone and a deep-space outpost that's barely holding together with jury-rigged equipment.

Because my house is ancient and still uses an honest-to-god fuse box, the normal outlets in the living room can't handle too many appliances plugged in at once.  Which means there are extension cords running from the kitchen up and down the stairwell, connected to big box fans to blow as much cold air as possible up the stairs.

That helps a little, but the front bedrooms still bake in the heat all day long.  It would really help if I could get some kind of exhaust fan in there to blow out the hot air and pull in the cold air from downstairs, but the original windows don't have any screens, which means it would be completely open to the outside and all kinds of bugs would get in.

Solution?  Build yourself a screen!  Or rather, two screen sections, one that's just a normal screen and another that holds the small window fan I bought yesterday.  I'm not particularly proud of any of these creations this weekend, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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