Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Cat Blogging 2017-02-12

Because Virginia weather is dumb and stupid and hates me, it is sunny and 77 81 degrees here today in Richmond instead of the overcast mid-30's that it SHOULD be in mid-February.  I can already tell that the front of the house, which has old inefficient windows and gets 12 full hours of sunlight, is going to be an uncomfortably warm problem this summer.  Ugh, one more thing to go on the list.

But the warm weather also meant I could open up the sun room off the side of the house, which right now is unused except to store all my used moving boxes and a couch that doesn't fit in the living room.  After looking out into the back yard for a bit, Lucy cat decided she likes the combination of fresh air and a comfy, familiar-smelling couch, and therefore this is the perfect place for her mid-day nap.  Rock on cat.

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