Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tofu Tower Triumph!

A few days ago I shared my tofu tower learning experience and said I had one more try left - well it turns out third time is the charm!

Extra-pressed-extra-firm tofu, sliced into 8 towers instead of 6, extra-TLC on tower formation, and a well-oiled non-stick pan all worked together to produce some very pretty and quite tasty tofu towers.  I'm rather pleased with myself.

On the other hand, I'm probably not going to make these again unless it's a really special occasion that really calls for them.  They're not the easiest or most convenient thing to make, they take a long time for not that much output, and you end up with leftover ingredients that are annoying to find uses for.  But the bigger reason is that pan-frying them on all six sides well enough to cook the chicken all the way through is a MESS.   The oil spits everywhere.  See that liquid sheen dripping down the front of the range?  That's OIL, and it's gonna be a P-I-T-A to clean up.  I suppose I could fix that by using a taller casserole or something, but then that just gets more annoying to work with.  No reason to put that much effort into something unless you need to, and there are many other tasty things to make in the kitchen.

Random aside - somehow I've ended up with a ton of food in my fridge.  Besides these towers (which with broccoli will be 2 meals), I have 4 meals of pot roast, another 4 meals of random ramen-like soup (more on that later), enough leftover veggies for 2 stir-fry's, 4 avocados and chips that were supposed to be guacamole before plans changed, a pound of kielbasa that was an impulse buy, probably 3 meals worth of bacon and eggs and toast (I treated myself to a nice big breakfast in my new house last weekend), to say nothing of all the frozen meals I stocked up on for the move.  And I already know 2 nights next week where I'll be dining out for dinner.  This will be an interesting week to see if I can get through them all without wasting food.

Some house pics later today!

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