Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Using up Food in the Pantry

not sparse
One of my New Year's Resolutions (more on those later) is to start using the ingredients in my pantry vs just going out and buying whatever I feel like.  My pantry is, um, not sparse, and is full of almost-ready meals (e.g. dry soup mixes) or sauces/spices/mixes that I used for one meal and then forgot about (e.g. the entire box of Bisquick minus the 3 Tbsp I needed for a recipe) .  That's gotta change.  The goal here is several-fold:

  1. Waste less food (obviously some stuff has been there too long ... like the completely rotten onions I found 2 months ago when I cleaned it out to find out what the smell was)
  2. Spend less money (by using stuff I already have vs buying more, duh)
  3. Become more creative as a cook and expand my palette (by forcing myself to use specific ingredients that I don't normally use and designing my meals around those ingredients)
So how's it going?  Well ... the first endeavor isn't using anything from the pantry and is actually something I've made plenty of times before.  So not entirely keeping with the spirit of the resolution.  BUT a) it isn't New Years yet and b) it DOES use leftover ingredients from the holidays that will go bad if I don't use them, so all-in-all I'm declaring that kinda-sort keeping with the spirit of the resolution.  Win!

Anyway, the leftover ingredients were some good extra cheeses (boursin, gruyere, and fontina) from my birthday dinner mac-n-cheese.  There's not really much you can do with all of that except make more mac-n-cheese, so that's what I did.  I also bought a chuck roast and four packages of mushrooms to put into the crock pot, which is cooking away as I type and smells ever-so-delicious.  I'll add some steamed broccoli for some green, and that should give me 8 good meals!

There's beef in there somewhere, I swear

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