Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vaca - Day 1 - Kitty Beasts & Old Friends

We're all still in "get ready" mode for tomorrow, so today was pretty uneventful, but still a couple of things to share:

Mom's house is practically crawling with critters right now.  She has her own cat Gideon, an adorable little spud-muffin who still has enough kitten left in him to always be on the move.  Unfortunately, this makes the little bugger rather difficult to photograph, but the photos you do get end up describing him pretty well:

Then there's Brandon's cat, Sullivan "Kitty Beast".  He's a handsome boy, very sociable, dumb as bricks, and also not overly fond of me.  He used to be, but then one day he figured out that I'm Lucy's human, and now I am definitely not on his happy-human-list.  (Lucy is the one cat in our family menagerie who won't submit to him and will bat him across him the nose when he tries to force the issue ... that's my girl :) )  So he doesn't like me, but is also too dumb to remember that when he decides to be affectionate.  So we get spectacles like last night, when he decided he wanted to sleep in my bed, spent 10 minutes arranging himself, gave himself a quick bath, yawned, then looked at me and hissed, jumped off the bed, and ran out of the room.  Then this morning while I was sitting in the kitchen having breakfast, he started rubbing against my legs, then hissed at me, then back to rubbing my legs, then hissed again, then ... well, you get the idea.  Anyway, here he is in his natural state, which is basically "I will tolerate your presence for exactly 8 seconds longer"

There is a third critter in the house - Katie's cat Cosmo, who stays curled up under the bed all day, except when she comes out to walk past Kitty Beast and Gideon with her nose in the air to remind them that she's far too good to join in their fun and games.  No pictures of her.

Last but not least, and certainly not of the critter variety, Mom & I met one of my old high school friends & her family for dinner at the BBQ place that her dad just opened up a few weeks ago.  Valerie & I were best friends back in high school and I got to know her family really well, but we slowly lost touch as college and life took us in different directions.  We kept track of each other through Facebook, basically.  Anyway, earlier this year, her dad Scott decided to try something new and open up a Dickey's BBQ franchise.  Like any business there's a learning curve (as of tonight they'd been open slightly more than 3 weeks), and Scott & Valerie certainly weren't short of stories about everything that they've learned, but all-in-all it's going really well for him.  The shop is in one of the busiest tourist areas of Lancaster, so it gets TONS of business, and they're right next to a Chic-fil-a, which means they do a KILLER Sunday business :)  Super happy for him.

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