Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Garden Blogging!

Window Garden Blogging, that is.  Much as I'd like to plant a real garden in the ground, living in a multi-unit apartment building where the downstairs neighbors have a dog who likes to pee on plants makes that a little untenable.  So, container gardening in my windows it is!

This year there are 3 main containers:

Box #1 is the flower container in the dining room.  This one is purely for decoration.  Last year I started with an eclectic mix of indoor plants that looked spectacular, but was kind of high maintenance and didn't survive the month that I was away in Pennsylvania helping to take care of my dad during his final months.  I replanted with begonias, which worked well enough, but I didn't really like the red flowers on the red covering, so this year I knew I wanted more contrast and lower maintenance.  I settled on something called "Supertunia Priscilla", which is some kind of Petunia hybrid with a royal violet flower (you can see the first one blooming in the pic) and some Creeping Jenny with very vibrant light green leaves.  Both are great container plants and so far I really like the way the colors match against the container and the red radiator covering.

Box #2 is the basil box in the kitchen nook, which as you might expect, is for eating, not looking.  In the past I've tried a couple different herbs in the same container, but could never keep anything (especially parsley or cilantro) alive except for the basil.  Basil is fresh herb that I use most during the summer anyway, so I took the hint and switched to a dedicated box.  There's a natural foods grocery store just a block from my place that sells really great local tomatoes during the summer, and tomatoes with mozzarella, basil and a balsamic reduction became a pretty regular meal last summer.  These basil plants were just seedlings a few days ago, but with the full afternoon sun and lots of water they're already perking up quite nicely.

Box #3 is the mint box on the back porch, which is also for eating ... or rather for drinking if you want to be precise.  I am absolutely OBSESSED with sweet minty drinks during the summer.  There's just something about them that suits the hot humid Virginia summers (I guess those old southern gentlemen with their mint juleps were onto something) and this will be the 3rd summer I've had a dedicated box for mint.  Super yummy.

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