Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yep - Still Rotund

So, the new-found willpower of my previous posts not-withstanding, I remain rotund.  Harumph.

I could make excuses.  Lots of travel.  The regulators are coming and I need to work late.  It was NFL playoff month and I had people over.  Excuses are not good enough, and more to the point, they will not get me down 30 pounds by summer.

So today I went back on Weight Watchers.  I stopped it a few months ago (for a variety of reasons), but I think I'm slowly coming to the realization that, if left to my own devices, I just don't do a good job balancing my intake with my exercise.  And however annoying it is to have to input all the exact details of what you eat, one thing it certainly does is hold you accountable.

And since tracking points is a LOT easier if you know exactly how much of exactly what foods went into what you're eating, that means Sunday meal prep!

This time around, it was a Mexican theme.  Brown rice with black beans, salsa, and a chopped up onion, plus some adobo seasoning to give it some flavor.  Homemade chips that started as corn tortillas cut into wedges, brushed with some olive oil and lightly salted, then baked at 375 for 20 minutes.  An avocado to go with the chips.  And then a thinly sliced chicken breast with some chipotle sauce brushed on and cooked on dry heat using the same pot I cooked the rice in.  I tallied it up, and it totals at a hefty 23 points.  Ugh, that's about 50% higher than the 15 or so it should be for lunch.  Which means cutting some of the portion sizes and then loading up on other veggies.

Anywho - pictures!

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