Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hmm ... perhaps a Resolution is in Order

Adding onto the last post ... an update on the never-ending battle to make myself into a less-rotund human.  Over July and August, mostly triggered by the impending cruise, I was doing REALLY well, almost (*almost*) got myself down below 190, and on a great trajectory.

Then came the Great Flood (TM).  With no fridge, no sink, no oven, and no microwave, and no interest whatsoever in spending the money to eat out each day ... I basically had Cup Noodles every night.  Blech.

Anyway, you can see the year as-a-whole below:  Started around 200, a big gap when I helped take care of Dad and couldn't track, a nice dip in July & August that steadied out in September ... followed by the Great Flood and a return to the 195-200 range.  Poopies.

Anyway, what are New Years for, if not for making resolutions to get back to the gym more often?  This year isn't NEARLY as bad as the others, though, since I actually kept a decent gym regimen going through most of the year, and managed to keep myself at a not horrible weight.  This may actually be the first year in a decade that I start out less than 200 pounds.

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