Monday, December 23, 2013

Bloggy Update - Home Repairs & Holy Crap, it's Christmas Already?

Ok, a brief update on what's been going on in my life for the past couple months.  If you know me personally or follow me on facebook, you know that during the past 2 months, there's been some extensive repair work done on my home.  To sum up: I went out one Sunday afternoon to a friend's house to watch some football, and came back 8 hours later to find that the kitchen sink had been left running.  To this day I still don't understand quite how I let that happen; I have to walk right by the sink to leave through the back door, but I came home to a completely flooded kitchen, hallway & bedroom, which of course leaked through the floor and into the apartment below.

The damage was EXTENSIVE, and the repairs even more so.  Basically, the entire downstairs apartment had to be gutted, moldy & rotten wood pulled out, and then rebuilt from the studs.  In my upstairs apartment, the kitchen & hall floor was completely pulled up, along with most of the cabinets, and my bedroom was off limits for about a month.  The downstairs tenants moved to an extended stay facility for a few weeks, and I had to move into the office/second bedroom for a month and a half.

Let's just say it was not an experience that I'd care to repeat, and it took a lot more out of me than I thought it would.  The futon wasn't uncomfortable per se, but it's a futon, and after 45 days of waking up with a crink in your neck that won't go away all day, it gets old.  Since my bedroom was off limits, all my laundry and clothing was in piles on the floor, and of course Lucy's food and litter box had to be moved too.  Everything in the kitchen and pantry was moved into the dining room, which looked like a disaster zone.  The stove, fridge, sink, and microwave were all unusable, so my meals mainly consisted of water from the bathroom that was boiled and then added to Cup Noodles.  I actually washed dishes in my bathtub after I couldn't stand to have them tied up in a plastic bag any more.  There were exposed flooring and nails in the kitchen that I had to walk over every day to get to my car.  I know it pales in comparison to what some people in the world have to deal with, but for me, it was one of the more miserable periods of my life, and wore me pretty thin, especially towards the end.

And the worst part of all this - somehow, between the repairs, how the holidays fell on the calendar, work trips to South Dakota, Chad & Carter's wedding, volunteer commitments for the choruses and some personal/family issues I've been working through ... I almost feel like I got cheated out of a holiday season.  Fall and Christmas are my favorite seasons; my apartment is all decked out with decorations and while I'm always busy, I've always enjoyed being able to light candles and sit back for an evening and just relax in the general glow of the season.  Not so this year.  A few weeks ago, I put away all my fall decorations: all of the candle holders still had the unused tea lights in them from when I first set them up back in September.  I had every intention of trying to get the Christmas decorations up (and I did get the outdoor lights up, at least), but by the time the repair work had been completed and I actually had a home to decorate again, it was the middle of December and I had exactly zero free time left.  Which is basically to say that none of my holiday decorations ever left their staging area in the living room, and served as a constant reminder that the holiday went *poof* for me this year.

That's not to say it was all bad.  The family had a happy (and turducken-filled!) Thanksgiving that my mom, sister, and I spent days preparing and having a blast at the same time.  I was honored to be a part of my good friends' Chad & Carter's wedding.  Mom visited Richmond and we went to the Capital One holiday party, the Bizarre Bazaar, and the Sunday performance of the chorus' holiday concert.  Lucy kept crawling up beside me each night and nuzzled and purred as I fell asleep, even on the futon.  And while the gift shopping encountered a few snafus (the reason I'm sitting here typing this post and not driving up to Lancaster is because UPS is 3 days late on the overnight shipping that I paid for), it's mostly done, with only some minor assembly to go for the family gifts.

Still, I'm looking forward to at least a few days where I have a chance to reset and get back some semblance of normalcy.  Parting thoughts: we could all learn a thing or two from how Lucy approaches life during these hectic times: aware that something is quite amiss, but doesn't let it interfere with nappy time :)

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