Monday, May 06, 2013

Lancaster Again

Back up in Lancaster for the week.  Really, it's for several overlapping reasons: spending some time with Dad (who's going through a rough spot) and helping Mom out with some chores around the house and in at the gallery.

I have to say, this was not a trip that I prepared for very well.  Normally I have a list (I love my lists) and work on it during the days leading up to the trip so I know I'm prepared.  But this time, there was just so much going on that I never had a chance.  That means that when I get back there will be an overgrown jungle where my side lawn is used to be; it also means that I never got a chance to do laundry, so half my wardrobe is shoved into a plastic garbage bag ready to be washed once I get to Lancaster.  That, plus there's a lot of paperwork-type stuff that I need to sort and go through, which is all stuffed into a box and crammed into the trunk of the car.  Lord knows what's in there.

Anyway, I made it up, and Lucy only puked once, so I guess that counts as a successful drive.  I made it up in time to visit the gallery during First Friday Art Walk, which my mom always works.  Here she is not noticing for 10 minutes that I've walked in and am standing in "no man's land" behind the desk where all the wine is hidden.  We Heberlein's are observant folk! :)

(although technically speaking, since my mom is a Graham by birth and I seem to have inherited it from her, I guess it's that we Graham's are observant folk?

The pleasant surprise of the evening came when Brent, an old high school friend, saw that I checked in on Facebook and made it a point to visit the gallery.  We chatted for a good hour or so about where we were in our lives (mostly griping about how owning a house really just means writing out one check after another).  A fun little diversion, and hopefully we'll connect with another mutual high school friend who still lives in the area and grab a drink sometime this week.

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