Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Dinner and Other Notables

Well, I may have gotten off track for part of this week, but today I'm right back in the saddle!

First off: I made dinner :)

That is Asian-Style Scallops, a "recipe" of my own creation that I also shared with the Weight Watchers community (my first ever!)  Although really, "recipe" is a bit of a stretch, since the preparation isn't all that complicated.  It required a) cooking rice, b) chopping and steaming veggies, c) braising scallops and baby bok choy, none of which is particularly complicated as long as you have enough counter-space and range-space.  But, it looks fantastic and also counts as a home-cooked healthy meal a-la my 2013 resolutions.

Speaking of 2013 resolutions, I also signed up for the Monument Ave 10k race earlier this week.  I really REALLY want to be able to run without stopping, and that only gives me 3 months to take my run-without-stopping record from 1.5 miles to 6.5.  Eesh, that is not gonna be easy.  But that just makes it a challenge, and while I'm not always fond of challenges, they do bring about a sense of satisfaction once you meet them.  So, onward!

And in other news, it is 70 degrees in Richmond right now, which is officially way to warm for mid-January.  I want my winter, gosh darn it!

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