Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Odd Benefits of Short Legs

I have short legs.  For real: my in-seam is 28 1/4 inches, which is 2 standard dev's below where it should be for my height of 69".  Generally this is quite annoying, since the shortest pants you can normally find have 29 inch legs, and even those aren't all that common.  So usually I have to make do with limited choices and then deal with slightly too-long pants.  (Yes, I could get them altered.  But that takes $$, and I don't want to make that investment until I get my waist down another couple of inches.  And altering jeans isn't really an option anyway.)

Every once and a while, though, it comes in handy at the oddest times.  For example: yesterday morning I went to the gym before work, and managed to forget my dress socks, leading to this fantastic fashion statement you see on your right.  Snazzy.

And yet, with my slightly-too-long jeans, nobody noticed!  You know that feeling you get when you know a secret nobody else does?  I walked around work all day with that feelin.

And yes, this is what passes for excitement in my life right now. :)

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