Saturday, November 24, 2012


Well, I'm home, which means Thanksgiving is officially over, and the Christmas season is begun!  (In my book, Thanksgiving isn't officially over until I pull my car up to my house and get Lucy back inside, which is approximately 30 seconds prior to the Christmas decorations coming out of their boxes.)

The drive home is something I dread each year ... the Richmond-to-Lancaster drive isn't a great one to start with, and when you add in holiday traffic it's an absolute nightmare.  One time I tried leaving on late Sunday morning, and the usually-4-hour drive turned into a 17 hour one.  UGH.  Plus, these past few years Lucy's really started to not do well on the drive; and when I say "not well", I mean vomit and lose bowel control all over the inside of the car.  I really don't know what brings it on; I don't know if she gets motion sick, if she's picking up on bad vibes from me or what, but whatever it is, it really drives the poor girl mad.

This time, though, it wasn't terrible.  Traffic slowed a lot, but never really came to a halt, and I got back in 5 hours, which is pretty good for a holiday weekend.  Lucy did pretty well too.  You could tell she wasn't thrilled, but she did curl up and get to sleep for a little.  She also got a little adventurous towards the end ... what the people behind me were thinking, I can't really guess.

So anyway, that's one more Thanksgiving in the books!  Now, onto that most wonderful time of the year!

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