Monday, November 19, 2012

Deck Update

Hey All, Quick update on the deck - while not as quickly as I'd like, it's coming along, and should soon be done.  You can visit my facebook page for more pictures, but here's where it was 2 weeks ago:

And here's where it is now:


The old deck is gone and the new one is just starting to go up (plus some not insignificant electrical changes), but unfortunately this is the last in-progress picture I'll have before the full thing's up.  Part of me wishes I could stay around and watch it piece by piece (my brain's weird like that) but on the other hand, missing Thanksgiving with my family in Pennsylvania would not likely be looked upon kindly.

So, that's all she wrote, folks!  Guess you'll just have to wait til I get home to see the final product ;)

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