Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fittest ... I do not think it means what you think it means

Whooooo boy, Aaron Schock has got to be PISSED.

I'm on the Men's Health daily email list, which sends you things like exercise tips, foods to target (or avoid), and general fitness tips & stories.  And this morning I got an email titled "The 25 Fittest Politicians", a story about men in government who, even with all the inherent challenges, still manage to stay fit.

These kinds of stories aren't exactly my cup of tea, but you never know when you might pick up a tip or two, and hey, pretty guys!  So I clicked through and started reading.

Now, as I was clicking through, I was reasonably sure that Paul Ryan would be featured somewhere.  Ryan's pretty proud (and rightly so) of how fit he is, and the topic hasn't exactly been off limits from the news.  So mentally I was preparing myself to read through the fluff piece, give the man his due, and then go right back to wondering why no one's ever actually told him that his economic ideas are based on mathematical impossibilities.

So I click through numbers 25,24,23 ... 14,13,12 ... and then finally to numbers 2 and 1.  And my jaw dropped.  Because somewhere, somehow, someone saw these two men side-by-side:

And decided that ... Paul Ryan deserves the title of "Fittest Politician".  (For those keeping track, the one on the left is Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois' 18th district, who's actually been a feature story in Men's Health magazine before.)

Now, this isn't to diminish Ryan's accomplishments, but I honestly have no idea how you look at those two guys objectively and come to the conclusion that Schock deserves runner-up status.  Seriously Men's Health, you gotta dial the puppy-love down just a few notches.  Your credibility is suffering.

But seriously, how big a blow to Schock's ego does this have to be?  He's buffed to magazine-cover perfection, easily in the top fraction of a top percent, and he loses to a guy with chicken legs.  I'm sure he'll grin and smile when he meets Ryan next, but inside he's got to be thinking "Seriously, I lost to this?"

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