Saturday, September 29, 2012

On Friday I came across a photo that I've decided is amazing enough to be added to my All-Time-Most-Spectacular-Photos-Ever list. This comes by way of Reality-Based-Community:

This is an underwater photo of a scuba diver swimming in the arctic under a giant slab of ice, which in turn is illuminated by the aurora borealis, and by all accounts isn't photo-shopped.   Wow.
My other favorite photo (which also shows the awesome beauty, and power, this planet has) is of a volcanic ash cloud that was so charged with static electricity that lightening discharged across it.  Also not photo-shopped.
And lastly, not quite as epic as the above two ... a pic I snapped from my plane window during my latest flight out to South Dakota.  Maybe this one doesn't stay on the list forever, but still pretty cool :)

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