Monday, July 30, 2012

Bloggy Update - Sore Edition

What do you get when you combine a full weekend of yardwork, an impromptu 3-mile hike for a new car battery, and an hour of intense cardio followed immediately by another couple hours of yardwork?  You get hella one sore boy, that's what you get.

I finally sat down on the couch tonight around 9:30 to watch some olympics, and after about an hour I tried to get back up.  "Uh uh", said Nik's back, "now is for staying down!"  And so, in what must have been a hilarious spectacle, back down I went, butt first, after false-starting my way off the couch.

In the plus column, though, the retaining wall in the front yard has been built up another couple of blocks and the yard has been remulched.  Not only does it look much nicer, but it's also stopped the mudslide that's been running off onto the sidewalk lately and causing a lot of mess.  My back-yard neighbors (not the guy next door who's still not doing anything with his property) actually rolled down their car window and complimented me on it as they drove by yesterday afternoon.  Small thing, but it actually made my day.

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