Monday, June 11, 2012

Mondays, and what you make of Them

Oy.  Today was a case study in extremes ... lots of bad, but also lots of good that made up for the bad.

My Monday actually began on Sunday evening, when I had to choose between cleaning and laundry from the weekend and spending the evening at my favorite bar catching up on work.  Because my sister, her husband, our good friend Heather and her husband Doug were all visiting this weekend, I really had a LOT to do housework wise, and I knew it'd bother me if I let it go for a day.  (and I WILL blog about them being down this weekend, just not until after I vent)  On the other hand, I had a crap-ton of work to get done, and that would bother everyone if I didn't do it, so I opted for the bar route and did actually get a lot of work done.

Then my Monday began.

9:15PM - I simultaneously remember that a) I promised to be at the office at 6AM Monday morning to help work through some major process changes and b) that I promised to bring a pasta salad to the dept potluck that day, which I didn't make.

9:20PM - Leave Xtra's, go grocery shopping at Kroger for pasta salad ingredients.

9:45PM - Make greek-style orzo pasta salad, make kitchen even messier than what it was from the weekend.

10:30PM - Finally get to bed, with the house a wreck and very little in the manner of clean clothes for the next day.

2:00AM - Fitful sleep, not really all that restful.  Haunted by recurring dreams of sorting mail for Magneto's Mutant Brotherhood.

6:45AM - Wake up late the next morning about an hour later than I wanted to, completely missing my goal of getting to office at 6AM.  Fret about it.

7:00AM - Leave apartment determined to make the best of the morning, which entails stopping at Panera Bread to pick up breakfast for the team, plus forcing myself to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio before work.  To ensure I actually do go, I decide not to shower before leaving home.

7:20AM - Get to Panera and order bagels.  Seriously question whether not showering was a good idea.

7:35AM - Finally get to office about 2 hours later than I wanted.  Deliver breakfast and tell team they're doing a great job.  Actually add value by updating an Excel macro for them.  Take crock pot that was left over from prior week's agent potluck (I made pulled pork bbq for them)

7:50AM - Leave one office to go to gym at second office.  Realize that when I picked up the crockpot I got grease all over my white shirt.

8:00AM - Arrive at Target to buy new shirt.  Realize that I forgot my glasses at previous office.  Harumph rather loudly.  Continue to question my decision not to shower before leaving home.

8:20AM - Finally arrive at gym, determined to get in 30 minutes of cardio before the work day, then shower.  Realize that my team set up a 8:30 meeting to talk about new staffing needs.  Decide to wait in the car for 10 minutes and then take the meeting from there, and probably not get in my cardio like I hoped.

8:35AM - Meeting facilitator finally joins, saying that the meeting will be rescheduled for later in the day when everyone can make it.  Harumph again about just wasting 15 minutes.

8:40AM - Tell myself that, by God, I WILL have my 30 minutes of cardio before work.  And ... I DO!!  :)

9:45AM - After cardio and a much needed shower, finally get to my desk and start the day.

And actually, after that horrible start, the day did get much better.  I managed to steer a lot of the firedrills into more workable chunks of work, I had some good laughs with my coworkers, and managed to make a significant dent in my inbox.

After work was even better.  I got in another 50 minutes of cardio after work (I'm determined to get back on track for weight loss), I started my laundry, I cleaned the house, and I cooked some food out of the farm ingredients that were nearing the end of their shelf-life.  (More on those soon, too)

So really, not a bad Monday after all.  Right now I'm sipping a glass of moscati left over from the weekend and waiting for the whites to finish drying (my colors are already dried, folded, and put away), so I can plow through those and get to bed.  And I do want to go to bed ... about 15 minutes ago, in the middle of washing dishes, the day caught up with me and now the only word to describe how I'm feeling is exhausted.

So, with that, I'm going to go downstairs and get the whites from the dryer, and sign off for the night.  TTFN folks, weekend recap and food pictures will go up on Tuesday.


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