Monday, April 02, 2012

Boxwoods and Azaleas and Yards, Oh My!

One of my biggest regrets for this last year is that out of the whole 12 months, the only thing I really did as far as yard work goes was buy a weed whacker and mow down the side lot a few times.  And that's a shame, for a couple of reasons.  First, it kind of says to all my neighbors and all the passing cars "Here's a guy who doesn't take pride in his property", and that's not the guy I want to be known as.  Second, as a landlord (and direct competitor of the guy next door with an identical building) I need a way to set my property apart from the rest, and at the same time subtly influence the kind of tenants I want.  A well landscaped yard will do all of that and be kind of nice to live in at the same time :-)

So, earlier this spring, I decided that this year would be the year I really made something of the yard.  And while I'm very quickly learning to appreciate just how intense, time consuming, and exhausting this this will be, I'm also making very solid and visible progress:
  • 2 weeks ago I cleared out part of the side strip, planted some boxwood shrubs and mulched around them.
  • Last week I cleared out more of the strip and planted some azaleas, although I didn't get to mulch them until this afternoon.  I also buried a drip hose underneath the mulch that loops around each plant and finishes behind the fence, which makes it easy to connect to the backyard hose.
I'm kicking myself for not taking more before pictures, but here are some afters.  One of them has a good view of some yet-to-be-cleared brush, though, which is a good example of "before".
Azaleas along the back fence
Side of house that has yet to be cleared ... good example of "before"
Closeup of the boxwoods along the side of the house, towards the front

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