Monday, April 02, 2012

Bloggy Update

So, last week my sister (whose excellent blog you should read) reminded me that I hadn't updated my blog in quite a bit.  Quite true.  But even if I haven't actually updated the blog, it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about updating the blog!  Here's the list of everything over the past few weeks that I've been meaning to blog about:

I kinda got complacent for a bit about Weight Watchers, with predictable results.  Last week I made a major effort to get back on track: eating right and having 50-minute cardio sessions each day, followed by yard-work.  My goal of 180 may not happen by my sister's wedding, but 190 could still happen.

Strauss-Kahn has been charged in France with "aggravated pimping".  I really wish the article explained what that was.

The allure of 90 minutes of a shirtless Taylor Kitsch notwithstanding; is Disney really that hard up for material that they're going with John Carter?

How on earth did we not know where South Carolina was 230 years?  You'd think that would be something we would've figured out by now.

This is the dumbest QR code I have ever seen.

I am continuously amazed at the raw natural beauty that this planet is capable of.  Glowing blue waves?  Totally awesome.

I've been doing a lot of yardwork lately, and it's starting to look good.  Still a lot of work, but definitely progress.  Unfortunately, no link to share, but soon there will be pictures!

Stay tuned....

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