Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Magazine Frustrations

Ok, unfortunately I don't have pics or links to either of these, but I read 2 magazine articles lately that just kinda ticked me off.

First, a DIY Handyman magazine article that shared helpful holiday tips.  There were some really good ones, like storing your ornaments in plastic cups that stack easily.  And then there was one about, if you run out of ornament hangers, you can use paperclips!!  ... I mean, seriously?  I figured that out when I was 5, I think.  Why exactly did this get a write up?

Second, in my latest issue of Men's Health, there's an article about "Faking It" in various aspects of your life, and how it can be beneficial.  There's a specific section for introverts, with the recommendation to ... pretend you're an extrovert.  Now, I realize this is an article about faking it, but honestly, I'm sick and tired of reading articles about how being an introvert and being shy is somehow inherently inferior to being extroverted, and it'd be better if we could all just learn to be extroverts.  Barf.

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