Monday, February 27, 2012

Sioux Falls Day 1

Ok - day 1 of the difficult week is done!

Fitness-wise, today started out easily enough: I got up early enough to get in an hour's walk before leaving for the airport, I had my usual ham sammy with grapefruit juice this morning for breakfast, nothing except black coffee at the Richmond airport, and a diet coke and water on the flights (neither flight offered a snack anyway).  However.  In the middle of it all was the Chicago layover, which, if it proved anything, proved that someone up there likes messing with my head.

I knew it was going to be tough, but when we chose a bar & steakhouse for lunch that advertises its 8 oz burgers, fries & beer combos, it took all my self control to limit my order to water and a spinach salad with shrimp.  'No problem', I told myself, 'a salad now means I can allow myself a nicer dinner with a glass of wine, and besides, spinach salads are tasty and filling and it's coming with shrimp and a few croutons to fill me up.'  Well, first of all, the salads turned out to be a wee bit smaller than what I'd consider right-sized for a meal.  And second of all, the waiter got my order wrong, and gave me some kind of signature house salad with some raisins, nuts and blue cheese sprinkled in with some raspberry dressing.  Not bad, really, but not what I wanted, and missing the croutons that I was counting on for some carbs.  Because I'm a sap, I ate it rather than send it back, and left the restaurant feeling not very fulfilled.

I bought some water so that I'd at least feel full, and made my way to the connecting gate ... which happened to be directly across from a Cinnabon.  A Cinnabon that (intentionally I'm sure) had a fan pointed straight at us blowing the aroma of fresh baking cinnamon rolls.  After silently cursing myself for scheduling a 3 hour layover ('oh, it'll be great, we can log in and do work and not have to rush' ... yeah), I told myself that hell would freeze over before I let myself be defeated by a cheap and transparently obvious (and yet woefully effective) marketing gimmick.  So I grabbed my iPod and my laptop and got busy being annoyed with our Compliance department and their ever-shifting requirements.  2 hours later I left O'Hare with the same number of cinnamon rolls as when I arrived:  zero!  :)

So that was good, but by the time we got to Sioux Falls and worked through all the check-in rigamarole, I was really starting to feel it.  I get cranky when I'm hungry, and after a smaller-than-normal lunch with no carbs for long-term energy that wasn't even what I wanted in the first place ... well, let's just say I didn't paricularly care whether we got the Camry, the Altima, or the Impala, just so long as both were capable of getting us to the hotel restaurant (we ended up with the Impala).

It was all worth it though: a healthy salad and cinnabon-free afternoon meant I could enjoy this:

A new york strip with mushrooms, wild rice, and cooked carrots: tasty & filling, FAR fom the worst thing that I could've ordered, and utterly relaxing when you add in the wine.  I think I really needed that kind of dinner tonight, if only for my own sanity: it let me feel like I was rewarding myself for my earlier restraint, even though I really wasn't having anything that would make me feel overly guilty anyway.

Finally, I capped all that off with an hour of cardio at the hotel gym, and I'm soon I'm going to bed tonight with a day that would've been good even if I wasn't traveling, and feeling pretty damn pleased with myself ;)

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