Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't ride in the car with my mom

Just got back from a Christmas visit to a good family friend who lives close to Lancaster. It was a pleasant evening, good food and good people, but the most interesting moment of the night had to be in the car as we were driving over.

If you know my parents, you know that to say my dad has strong political views would be something of an understatement. Discussions and arguments usually don't go very well, and it's generally better to just not try to have them in the first place. So with just me and my parents in the car, completely out of the blue, my mom asks: "So Nik, would you vote for Ron Paul? How about Obama?"

... yeah

Desperately fighting off the panic, I stammered out something about Obama doing well enough for the hand he was dealt, and changed the subject as fast as I could. What my mom was doing even bringing that topic up I'll never know, but it was just one of the most random comments ever.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Merry Christmas from Lancaster, PA everybody!

This has been an awesome Christmas so far. I came to Lancaster determined to enjoy myself and break the funk that I've been in the past couple of month, and it's just been great. From late night burgers and shopping with Mom to a quasi-marshmallow-iced split-level birthday cake to oyster fricassee to family parties with hilarious paper plates, it's just been a great time. The plan for the rest of the morning is to sit, drink some coffee, watch Katie struggle with her crochet work, and relax.

Oh, and cats. Can't forget them :)