Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Parents

As usual, Thanksgiving was a blast this year. I think we ended the night just under 20 people, which isn't the record but still a pretty decent size compared to previous years. The turducken, after a disastrous first attempt, turned out pretty well, and everything else was predictably tasty.

Not everything was peaches and roses, though. The antibiotics I'm taking right now don't mix well with alcohol, so that meant no wine during the day to dull the edges. Also, I think somebody passed on their cold virus to me, which gave me the sniffles and destroyed my already-on-life-support sense of smell and taste. Finally, my work computer seems to have succumbed to the Recursive Loop of Doom(C), and is unusable, meaning I can't do all the work I'd planned to catch up on. Hmph.

Thanksgiving night, though, has to take the cake for the worst part of th trip. Mom and I sat down to watch some different holiday specials: Ice Age Christmas and the new Charlie Brown movie. Both were GOD. AWFUL. HORRENDOUS. Ice Age was a spastic mess; maybe it appeals to hyperactive 10-year-olds who absorb info in 2-second hyper bursts, but not me. And Charlie Brown should've actually been titled "Linus Tries and Fails to Conquer Addiction". I'll outsource the review to Charles Solomon, who writes:
The familiar characters sound angry, impatient and sarcastic; the viewer looking for joy and whimsy will do so in vain.
Ouch. Yet Accurate.

Right now Katie's out shopping the Black Friday sales, which honestly I wouldn't be caught dead at and have never understood the appeal to. I'm sure there are great bargains and everything, but tolerating the throngs of shoving people after a long and tiring day just isn't my cup of tea. Much rather be at home enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

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