Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update #1: India Trip & Work

Wow, what a month.

The big trip to India didn't quite go as planned. We arrived a few days before they were going to announce a verdict in a 60-year old trial about disputed religious land. The last time anything noteworthy happened in the case (way back in 1992) there were riots, and corporate security didn't want us there. So, after a grand total of 26 hours in India, the team was evacuated to London because of safety concerns. We stayed there for 3 days (one of which we were able to tour London, see facebook for pix), and then flew back to the States. Ho hum.

While I didn't get to go to any markets or anything like that, I was able to pick up a few scarves from the hotel lobby. So, I have something from India. Probably made in Taiwan. But bought in India.

The big project that I'm working on has certainly been an experience. A lot of visibility from execs, which is nice, but with that comes a LOT of work, not all of which comes easily. These past couple weeks in particular have been pretty stressful, and it doesn't seem like I'm ever able to get ahead of the work. I've talked to my manager about it a bit and we think we can do some stuff that'll help, but these past few weeks have not been kind.

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