Sunday, September 26, 2010

House Update - 9/27/2010

Lots to share this week:

House Inspection
The inspection was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but we got a call Tuesday morning saying that the electricity hadn't been turned on in time, so could we please move it to a different day? Wasn't too thrilled with that, especially considering how hectic the week was turning out to be, but not much of a choice.

So Thursday afternoon comes around, we get there, and meet the electrician wiring the boxes so the place will have electricity. Not confidence inspiring, but in the grand scheme of things it worked out well, since we got to talk to him about what my options are as far as putting in central air. Turns out that if I do that, I'll need a new line into the building since the existing one can't handle that kind of load.

As far as the inspection itself: there are a myriad of small things that are pretty common in a house of that age in that area, but we did find 3 big things that need to be addressed before moving forward.
  1. When the owner redid the kitchen, the new drain wasn't properly tied into the existing pipes. As in: just smashed a hole in the iron pipe and then sat the new pvc pipe into it.
  2. The roof is questionable - some of the slate is loose, and the rubber coating is showing signs of age. We're getting a roofer in to check it out.
  3. The back decks aren't properly supported on one side, and there's some crushing happening. I'm almost positive I want to redo the decks anyway, so this is the one I'm least worried about.

Besides the inspection, I also started the mortgage proces on Friday - pretty straightforward, but holy crap does it take a long time. You're sitting there, doing nothing but signing papers for a whole freaking hour. Nope, I'm not a terrorist. Nope, I don't know the seller. Nope, I'm not lying about my finances. Yes, I know Liberty Mutual isn't my agent. Yes, I know Libery Mutual will check my credit. And on and on and on.

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