Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Week 1 - A Horrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Week

UGH. If the rest of the football season is going to be like this, then I think the part I'll enjoy most of all will be ... walking on my treadmill during the games.

First, the Philadelphia uniforms. If I have to stare at a pale imitation of tri-force green for a whole season, well, let's just hope it doesn't come to that.
Second, the Philadelphia team. I was never a HUGE fan of McNabb, but at least he was able to lead the team down the field. I am NOT a fan of Vick (for obvious reasons), but right now he's the only reason one might plausibly describe Philly's performance as "respectable" instead of "downright embarrassing".

Third, my fantasy team, aka the Smurfsville Blue Ones. This was my first fantasy team EVER, so I wasn't going in with high hopes, but holy crap, I never expected the shellacking this has turned into. My kicker currently has 1 field goal and 1 extra point, which gives him 5 points, and HE'S THE 2ND HIGHESET SCORING SINGLE PLAYER ON MY FREAKING TEAM. Maurice Jones-Drew leads the list with a whopping ... 10 points. Reggie Bush, Robert Meachem, Desean Jackson, Percy Harvin, Brent Celek all clocking in at ... 4 or less. At the start of the week, ESPN predicted I'd have 104 points. I currently have 33, and unless Joe Flacco (my only remaining player) pulls off a miracle tomorrow night, I won't even get half that.

I don't think I like this game anymore.

Well, that didn't work out TOO badly ... Vick brought the Eagles back to respectability, and while I didn't come close to winning my fantasy match I did manage not to be eliminated this round. On to next week!

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