Monday, May 10, 2010

Idaho Falls - Day 1

Well, technically Day 1 was Richmond-Chicago-Denver-IdahoFalls, but that's a bit too long for a title. Over it was a pretty decent day, but with one big exception that I'll get to in a sec.

The flights were long, and boring. To give you an idea: the most exciting leg was Chicago to Denver: our plane, a Boeing 757, was the same as our flight number, UA757. It was also a little bumpy. Whee!

Idaho Falls is pretty - my hotel room actually looks out over the river and across to the Mormon Temple, which is absolutely gorgeous when it's lit up at night. Pictures of it, the river, and a gigantic fountain in the middle of town coming soon.

Dinner last night was an adventure: Justin recommended a place called "Smitty's Steak and Pancake Houe", but it was voted down 3-1 (sorry Justin, my travel partners just aren't as brave, or as crazy, as you are). We set off looking for a restaurant called Iggy's ... but apparently the average lifespan of a restaurant in ID Falls is about 6 months, so typically what happens is that Jodi (CapOne's relationship manager with CP) will eat there once or twice, love them, and then try to go again on a later site visit, only to discover the restaurant has closed. Which Iggy's had. So we drove around a little more, and eventually found a brewery called the Brownstone. It was decent - I had fish & chips (while everyone else had something healthy, sheesh) with a beer, which was a good way to relax.

Ok ... now for the not so good stuff. I left Lucy at home, and gave Michael & Catherine (my neighbors) the spare keys so they could look after her while I'm gone. Only ... I gave them the wrong keys. So they can't get in. Which is a problem. I called the after-hours maintainance (which answers the phone as "Fidelity Services" ... wtf?), but he won't let my neighbors into my apartment without the office's permission, and said I'd need to call them Tuesday and have Michael pick up the keys directly. Which is a perfectly reasonable policy and I copmletely agree, but still it sucks. I feel like the worst dad ever. :(

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