Monday, March 08, 2010

House Hunting Part 1

Well, house hunting has officially begun. Yesterday Graham (my broker) and I went and looked at a place on Hanover Ave.

The positives:
  1. Absolutely gorgeous kitchen. It's been remodeled, and they knocked out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, making one big room for entertaining. Lots of counter space, lots of cabinets, both of which are sorely lacking in my apartment.

  2. Nice backyard that I could really do something with. The house is elevated about 6 feet off the street, and a corner lot, so it has a detached quality about it.

  3. The upstairs is crying out to be remodeled, and I've already thought about what I could do to transform it.

The negatives:
  1. North, south, east, and west ... all apartments. I know it sounds horrible, but I want a block where I know that people are invested in its appearance. I've walked by there a couple times in the summer, and there's usually some living room furniture outside on the lawn. Not what I want.

  2. The kitchen floor sags a bit, and when you go down to the basement you see that the previous owners installed their own support to hold it up. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

  3. Small closets.

  4. Don't think the fireplace works.
On a scale of 1 to 10 where 8 and above is "I want to buy this!", I'd give it a 6. So, still looking, I guess. Here're some pictures. In case you're wondering, that guy in the last one is Graham, my broker.

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Anonymous said...

kitchen does look awesome. i'd be worried about the lawn furniture and support beam too! whatever you do, make sure you get a homeowners policy for appliances and stuff. Cheap but oh so worth it. DA