Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner Roundup

It's been an interesting week.

To start with, I thought work was going to slow down considerably, but instead it seemed to speed up. Part of it was my fault - I agreed to prepare for something that I really had no time for - but mostly it was just a bunch of random stuff popping up all over the place.

Friday night was my Christmas dinner with Justin and Danielle. Because of work I was really really behind and didn't have their gifts, but it turned out they didn't weren't ready either, so we agreed to move Christmas back by 2 weeks. :)

We had ham and macaroni & cheese (so I guess maybe that makes it my birthday dinner), and I also decided to that maybe it was time to start a new tradition and attempted a recipe for British Plum Pudding. Besides being difficult to construct (how the hell does one chop kidney fat 'powdery fine'?!?!?) it also had to steam for 18 hours in the crock pot before it was done.

And after all that effort, what did I get? Not much, actually. It looked absolutely amazing (you can't really see the flame, but trust me, we sprinkled brandy over it and lit it)

The taste, though, wasn't too swell. Maybe I screwed up, maybe it was the cognac, or maybe the Brits have this weird pathological aversion to eating food that actually tastes good. Who knows? Anyway, lesson learned for next year.

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