Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bread Pudding - Fail

*sigh, it has not been a good week for the epicurious adventurer.

To begin with, the plum pudding was less than stellar. And now, my amazing idea for Christmas gifts to the extended family isn't working very well either.

Butter, sugar, milk, bread, and cognac ... seriously, what's NOT to like about bread pudding? And in cute little canning jars ... it makes the perfect gift that people enjoy and then get rid of.

Well.... I found a recipe that looked good, and tried out a batch in the crock pot. Or actually, I think I tried a batch and a half of batter in a batch sized container, because it expanded quite a bit.
Then I took it off of the heat, and it promptly collapsed.

Well, not one to be deterred by a simple failure, I cut the batter in half, and set the timer again. This one collapsed too:

Hmm... I think I need to go in a fundamentally different direction. Either a) go for more of a french-toast-like chunkier pudding, or b) get everyone virginia peanuts.

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