Thursday, December 31, 2009

Behold, the Acai-politan!!

Ring in the new year with good health and gay vibes!

(pronounced ahh-see-politan, and yes I know that's not how it's spelled, but it's my drink so I get to call it whatever I want!)
1 part vodka
1 part cranberry juice
1 part Acai berry juice (generously provided by my Aunt Jeannie)
1/2 part orange liquer
splash of lime juice

mix with friends and enjoy!

The universal consensus is that I should not quit my day job to become a mixologist. Hmph.

X-mas Presents I'm not Quite Sure Where to put

Hmmm... those who know my apartment: any suggestions?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Computer Issues II

My work computer is having issues, too. Apparently, it's discovered a way to transcend space/time itself, and receive data from the future!

Actually, it's far more mundane: it's internal clock has stopped working, and it's stuck. You'll have to take my word for it, but when it was Tuesday morning at 9:45AM, my computer thought it was Sunday afternoon 5:14PM. Stupid computer.

Fortunately, dealing with work computer issues is much much easier than personal computer issues. I can take it downstairs, and they'll fix it. Special bonus: I still have the oldest laptop model in circulation, and since tech support is tired of dealing with all the associated issues, they're just swapping them out for the newest model! At least that's what I've been told ... in a few minutes I'll head down and check it out.

Shiny new computer!! Yay!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bread Pudding - Fail

*sigh, it has not been a good week for the epicurious adventurer.

To begin with, the plum pudding was less than stellar. And now, my amazing idea for Christmas gifts to the extended family isn't working very well either.

Butter, sugar, milk, bread, and cognac ... seriously, what's NOT to like about bread pudding? And in cute little canning jars ... it makes the perfect gift that people enjoy and then get rid of.

Well.... I found a recipe that looked good, and tried out a batch in the crock pot. Or actually, I think I tried a batch and a half of batter in a batch sized container, because it expanded quite a bit.
Then I took it off of the heat, and it promptly collapsed.

Well, not one to be deterred by a simple failure, I cut the batter in half, and set the timer again. This one collapsed too:

Hmm... I think I need to go in a fundamentally different direction. Either a) go for more of a french-toast-like chunkier pudding, or b) get everyone virginia peanuts.

An Open Letter to Richmonders

Dear Richmonders who have no idea how to deal with snow. This is an open letter to all of you. Pay attention, this could make your lives much easier.

  1. If you own property with a sidewalk, it is YOUR responsibility, not the city's, to clear the sidewalk. It is 8 blocks from my apartment to Kroger, with many properties along the way. Exactly 4 properties on Nansemond cleared their walks (including, to their great credit, the Verizon building that Verizon's trying to get rid of), and exactly 0 properties on Thompson cleared theirs. Do your civic duty and buy a shovel.
  2. Yes, the sun will help considerably, but only if you give it a start. If you want your car to be nice and clean on Monday morning, that means cleaning off the snow on Sunday morning so that the sun can do it's job during the day. A single day's worth of sun in the middle of winter will not completely melt 10 inches of snow off of your car that's parked in the shade.
  3. If you do clean your car off, move the snow onto the grass ... DON'T just shift it onto the parking lot. If you do, it will slightly melt, and then refreeze overnight, and then you'll have a wall of ice around not just your car, but also around the cars parked next to you.
  4. If your car is stuck and spinning its wheels to no avail, the correct solution is not to spin your wheels harder. It is to a) turn your wheels back and forth to get some grip and b) ask for help if that doesn't work.
  5. Just because you have a truck doesn't mean you can drive in snow like you drive in clear weather. And to the idiot pickup driver who nearly caused a 3-vehicle crash at Nansemond and Grove by trying to make the red light and then lost control and skidded sideways through the intersection ... you are really REALLY lucky the only thing that happened was that the other 2 cars blew their horns at you.

Christmas Dinner Roundup

It's been an interesting week.

To start with, I thought work was going to slow down considerably, but instead it seemed to speed up. Part of it was my fault - I agreed to prepare for something that I really had no time for - but mostly it was just a bunch of random stuff popping up all over the place.

Friday night was my Christmas dinner with Justin and Danielle. Because of work I was really really behind and didn't have their gifts, but it turned out they didn't weren't ready either, so we agreed to move Christmas back by 2 weeks. :)

We had ham and macaroni & cheese (so I guess maybe that makes it my birthday dinner), and I also decided to that maybe it was time to start a new tradition and attempted a recipe for British Plum Pudding. Besides being difficult to construct (how the hell does one chop kidney fat 'powdery fine'?!?!?) it also had to steam for 18 hours in the crock pot before it was done.

And after all that effort, what did I get? Not much, actually. It looked absolutely amazing (you can't really see the flame, but trust me, we sprinkled brandy over it and lit it)

The taste, though, wasn't too swell. Maybe I screwed up, maybe it was the cognac, or maybe the Brits have this weird pathological aversion to eating food that actually tastes good. Who knows? Anyway, lesson learned for next year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Cat Blogging


2 days of baking and lots of trips to the store = holiday yumminess