Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nary a Brain to be Found!!

I know what you're thinking: the world is full of idiots. Which is true. But not what I'm getting at here.

Danielle and Justin are coming for dinner tomorrow, and the planned meal was Eggs and Brains. More on why after the break, but sufficed to say Justin requested them.

So off I went tonight, looking for brains.

Tried Kroger - nope.
Tried Whole Foods - nope (and they said even when the whole sheep comes in, including the head, the brains are removed).
Tried Ukrops - nope.
Tried Tom Leonards - nope.
In a fit of desparation (and because I know Justin will ask), I tried Walmart - nope.

So, no brains. Oh well - Liver and Eggs will have to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday Justin and I drove down to Petersburg to try Dixie Diner, a dive he found online. We got there, and found Eggs and Brains on the menu, so naturally, Justin had to try it. I tried some too and it wasn't bad, although it was mixed in with the eggs so you couldn't really taste it.

Also, Petersburg is an odd little town. Dixie Diner can best be described as Goth meets Renaissance Fair, and the Sherrif's Office owns several blue-painted school buses. Why the Sherrif's Office would need these vehicles is unknown, but they were there.

Finally, there is a restaurant there called Le Venue de Bombay. Cause everyone knows French and Indian cuisines are a natural pairing. :P

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