Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Epiphany

Many many years ago (I don't even remember if Will was born yet), when I lived in Lancaster, my parents took the family to see a Millersville University football game. We sat on the vistor's side, mainly because my sister and I were still young enough to be thoroughly amused by rolling down the hill by the bleachers, which we spent the better part of the game doing.

My parents ended up sitting close to a big black guy, who clearly had a son on the opposing team. The guy yelled constantly, calling out the refs, cheering on his son, standard parent stuff. Then, at one point, he bellowed "BOOOOOOOOO!!!! Grounding, grounding!", and when I say bellowed, I mean BELLOWED. In all honesty, that was the first time in our short lives that my sister and I realized humans could sound like foghorns. And we found it incredibly hilarious.

So, like good little kids, we pointed and laughed our asses off. Looking back on it, my dad was probably sweating bullets that this big black guy was going to get pissed off and come over and punch him out, which wouldn't have been funny, but at the time Katie and I just couldn't stop laughing.

For whatever reason, that particular memory has stayed with me for decades, and every once in a while something will trigger it, and I'll chuckle to myself.

Tonight something triggered it, and I chuckled ... and then ... EPIPHANY! After all this time, something like 15 years, I know what grounding is! And I understand what the guy was bellowing about.


That is all.

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