Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday Musings

  • Last month I paid off my car loan, and today I got the title in the mail from the bank. Weird how something as simple as a piece of paper can be so significant.
  • Relatedly, I had the car inspected today at McGeorge Toyota. and I drove myself so I decided to wait for it in their lounge. I was expecting a "lounge" with some chairs and a few magazines ... I was NOT expecting an array of comfy lounge chairs, several tvs, snacks and drinks, and complimentary wifi. Wow. What do they do if you actually buy a car from them?
  • The far right has gone crazy. More on that later.
  • Tomorrow morning I have to drop Lucy off at the vet, and then pick her up later in the afternoon. She's having her teeth cleaned, and needs to go under general anethesia, which makes me kind of nervous. I feel horrible that she's going to be all alone at the vet with strange people sticking strange stuff in her, and just a few minutes ago I had to take away her food in preparation for tomorrow. I will feel MUCH better when she's home tomorrow evening.
  • On Friday I'm having a dental procedure of my own: all four wisdom teeth will be removed while I'm under general anethesia, which I've never had before. Oddly, I'm less nervous about my procedure than I am about Lucy's, but I'm sure that will change. Insurance is picking up most of the tab so that's good, but they won't give the prescription for the painkillers until after the procedure ... when I'll be doped up and shouldn't be "signing anything or making important decisions". How, exactly, am I supposed to have a prescription filled while I'm in that state?

UPDATE: Lucy's sitting where her food bowl usually is, and looking at me with this I'm-hungry-and-I-don't-understand-why-you're-not-giving-me-food-like-you-always-do look. Ugh.

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