Friday, August 07, 2009

Mint Syrup .... FAIL

Mojitos are one of my favorite drinks, but keeping fresh mint on hand is difficult and muddling it in the glass with a wooden spoon is a hassle. I've thought about buying some spearmint extract, but couldn't find it at either Kroger or Ukrops.

So I had an idea: why not make my own? Seems simple enough, right? Some mint jelly, some hot water, mix them all together, and *poof*, instant mint syrup just waiting for a mojito to go in!


You know all those tv ads where you see the top of the blender pop off and everything fly out? Never happened to me ... until tonight. For whatever reason, when I pushed the pulse button it created a LOT of pressure inside the container, the lid popped off and half the mint jelly mixture flew across the kitchen. Sticky. Yuck.

But, I still had half-a-blender worth of minty syrup left, and it certainly smelled like mint, so I thought I'd try to salvage, and maybe come up with something good.

Mix some rum, some ice, some minty syrup, aaaaaaaaand ... some Sprite Zero. Because if I'm going to cheat, why not go the whole way?

This drink wasn't just fail. It was TEH EPIC FAIL. I don't know if it was the syrup, the rum, or the Sprite, but the taste was like a Mojito sweetened with Splenda. I mean, it was just horrible. I added a bunch more lime to cut the flavor, but still, not so great.

*sigh* oh well. Tomorrow I will go and buy a mint plant, and a muddler.

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