Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend At Lancaster III: Barnstorming the Barnstormers

About two weeks ago, I received a cryptic call from my mother:

"So, how would you like to do me a favor while you're up here during the weekend?"

Apparently my little brother's volleyball team had signed up to work the concession stands at a Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game as a fundraiser (the stadium only employs a handful of full time workers; volunteer groups work the stands and get half the proceeds in lieu of being paid), and now they were short a few people. So, mom wondered, wouldn't I like to help out the team? "Sure", I said, "sounds like fun!"

And it was tons of fun. I enjoy doing things like that. However ... turns out my little brother wouldn't be joining us behind the stands, as he was too busy entertaining the female:

Way to support the team there Wilbo! :P In all fairness, it was her birthday, and he had special tickets for the game before the team signed up for the date.

But of course we had to wear funny outfits, which meant funny pictures! This is Mom and Dad:

No comments about the hair. And yes, Pizza Hut is the official pizza of the Barnstormers.


Anonymous said...

You know those special tix the bro had in advance - not so much. His mother picked them up, the night before the game as they were also a fundraiser for the CVCC - then the plans were made to go to the game. Sorry Wilbo - the turth comes out!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit though - he was thinking about the game all along because he knew she enjoyed. He did plan the entire day and evening around "the female" - who also has a name - Alecia