Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend at Lancaster II: Lunch with PopPop & Drive to Lancaster

Instead of driving straight to Lancaster, I stopped at Harrisburg to visit PopPop and have lunch with him. About a year ago he moved out of my parents' house and into Essex House, a retirement home that's closer to his great grandchildren. He'll be 90 in October, but he's still as sharp as ever, and I always try to visit with him whenever I'm up in PA.

Of course, it's a retirement home, and let's face it, sometimes old people can be amusing in their own special way. Lunch that day was Brunswick Stew, and none of them had the slightest idea what it was (think chicken pot pie without the pastry). So as soon as it came out, all 100 residents were facedown in the stew, poking it to figure out what it was:
What is this? Is this chicken?

I think it's chicken.

It can't be chicken, it's too dark! I think it's pork.

That's dark chicken meat!

I don't think it's chicken, call the girl over, find out if it's chicken.

And then there was PopPop's friend who ate with us, who was really pretty fun to talk to, he just had a funny moment:
A few nights ago I watched some tv show about a guy ... can't remember his name ... he did something big on the internet ... can't remember what ... do you know him?

Anyway, had a great lunch with PopPop, great conversation, good times, and then set off for Lancaster. I thought that because 90% of my driving for the day was over, that I was essentially in the clear, and the rest of the drive would be uneventful. Boy was I wrong. A few miles down the road I encountered a woman in a turquoise green convertible driving the wrong way down the highway. Don't ask me how she got in there, or what she was thinking, all I know is somehow suddenly all traffic on the highway screeched to a halt, and there was lots of beeping as she puttered by at 20 mph. Honestly, sometimes I think the human race is doomed.

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