Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seven Sins by Geography

Some enterprising researchers at Kansas State University have plotted the 7 Deadly Sins ... by geography. While their methodology leaves a little to be desired, it's an definitely an interesting visual representation. For example, it appears I live at the crossroads of gluttony and lust (blue = good, red = bad):
Pride is the root of all sins, but since KSU couldn't do a causal analysis, they settled for a correlative one instead, and aggregated the other six sins into Pride. Interestingly, the Bible Belt is teeming with sin, while the mid-westerners all appear to lead completely virtuous lives:
One thing that's kind of weird: outside of the bible belt sin is concentrated in large metro areas ... except around Chicago and Boston. Both show up strong red when you look at Greed, but I can't find any strong blue in other sins to offset the red. In fact, the entire state of Massachussetts comes out pretty clean.

Oh, and if anyone points out that the Philly side of PA is red while the Pittsburgh side is blue, we will no longer be friends.

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