Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pho So 1, and The Search for the Elusive Cream Filled Doughnut!

Friday night was the biweekly dinner with Justin and Danielle, and this week we decided to go to Pho So 1 for some good, old-fashioned, hole-in-the-wall, excellent noodle soup. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it, and as always, Pho So 1 did not disappoint. BUT, this week was even more exciting than normal: for the first time ever, our dinner bill came to over $30!!

How did we manage that, you ask? Well, Justin, being Justin, decided that one large bowl of pho wasn't enough to sate his appetite ... he also needed a large bowl of barbecued pork and rice. So even while Danielle and I were still having trouble finishing our soups, he was already mostly through his second entree. The man can EAT, and I don't think I've ever been prouder to call him my friend (it's a guy thing).

Anyway, on the way back we got to talking about doughnuts, and I remembered an amazing cream-filled doughnut from my childhood that my dad would always bring home on Sunday mornings. Light, flakey, yeasty, and with amazing cream inside. Naturally, we decided that heavy cream-filled doughnuts would be the perfect dessert for spicy noodle soup (and in Justin's case bbq pork as well :P), so we went looking for them at Kroger. Alas, Kroger didn't have what I was looking for, and so we went back to my place disappointed.

Kroger, though, was only the first step in the quest. You see, even though I could picture them in my mind, I couldn't remember what brand they were. So I called my sister, described them, and asked if she could remember the name. She thought I was crazy. Hmph, and she calls herself a Heberlein!

Then I went online, and started searching, hoping that maybe I'd get lucky. This led to several insights:

  1. Searching for 'amazing cream filled doughnuts' on Google.Images without SafeSearch turned on returns a lot of pictures that make you go "eeeewwwwwwww!"
  2. Even if you tell Google you don't want images of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, approximately 99.87% of all images returned will still be Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  3. The American Institute of Baking does a biannual analysis titled Doughnut Statistics and Trends which includes all sorts of interesting data, such as the fact that a brand called Entenmann's Extreme Popems (not to be confused with regular Entenmann's brand) is #7 in the US in terms of dollar sales of doughnuts. Huh, fancy.

As you can probably guess, my online search was fruitless, but I remain undeterred! I am determined to share the glory that are the [insert name here] cream-filled doughnuts with all my friends! And they will love me for it!


Lionesse said...

You are looking for Maiers creme filled doughnuts. They also made them in pretzel shape. Those were even better, as they had creme throughout the whole thing. Man, I want some NOW!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are indeed looking for the Maiers creme filled doughnuts....They are made by Hartings Bakery in Bowmansville Pa.... the (717)445-5644....They are available at the Turkey Hill mini mart and a grocery store chain called Amelia's in south eastern Pa....I had been looking for them for 2 years......and I just found them myself..

SeanMauer said...

Thanks a million, I've only come across these Maiers doughnuts on rare occasion, they are the best! The only thing to come close are the North Carolina long john creme filled straight doughnut.

Heather Sheets said...

Anyone anyone! Are these donuts still available at Amelias and/or Turkey hill???

Heather Sheets said...

Are these donuts still available at Amelia's or Turkey Hill?? Anyone know!? It is my sister's one wish to find these donuts upon her holiday return to home from San Fran. Help!!

seanm said...

I just brought some at the Turkey Hill store near Coatesville PA at rte 340 and rte 30. HOWEVER they do not have the Maiers label. TnT bakery of Narvon PA is now making these, with the identical recipe. I don't know the story behind this, but the doughnuts are identical and just as good.