Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shorter Andy McCarthy from NRO last night:

1) Iraq was too in cahoots with al Quaeda! WAS TOO!!

2) The CIA report says we have no idea whether torture actually worked. Which really means that we have no idea whether torture didn't work, which really means that torture had to have worked on some instances!

3) Who cares if there's no ticking time bomb? Let's shove the little fuckers in a box, cover them with insects and spiders, and hey, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll know something!

I really don't feel like responding to any of these in any detail, so let me just say this. Even if I were to concede all of his points (which I don't), it wouldn't make a bit of difference. It doesn't matter, and I don't care. Torture is still morally abhorrent and illegal, and we as a civilization should have nothing to do with it or anything that looks like it.


XYEGRL's Blog said...

wow....i never expected to see "fuckers" in your blog!!!

Nik said...

Sorry, but I was mad.

Seriously, have you read the memos? I can't believe we are actually having a debate in this country about whether it's ok to shove someone in a small box and cover him with insects, just so long as you don't tell him the insects are poisonous.