Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday = Funday!

Just a reminder: today (actually last night) is Daylight Savings Time. Clocks jump ahead, and we lose an hour of sleep :(

Usually I hate when we lose an hour and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow when I get up for work ... but oddly enough, today I just didn't feel it. All the other years I'm definitely aware of the lost hour, and always look at the clock and think "how can it possibly be that late?" Today was just the opposite, I kept looking at the clock and thinking "gee, it feels later than what it really is"

So what did I do with my perceived extra time? I took a walk! And not just any walk. I took an impromptu seven and a half mile walk down a road I've never walked or driven on before, and discovered some great places in the process.

A few miles west of 195 on Grove there's a great little group of shops and cafes that I had no idea even existed; reminded me a lot of Kennybunkport, where my family went on vacation when I was younger. Definitely going to take the parents there next time they're down.

And then, at the intersection of Grove and Three Chopt, there is an absolutely GOOOOOORGEOUS Episcopal church. I took a picture with my phone, but that comes nowhere near to doing it justice, and there's a whole courtyard behind that walkway. It's just absolutely beautiful.

And finally, while walking back on Patterson, I got the chance to read some store signs that I normally just drive past. One in particular caught my eyes: "Dental Arts". Figuring out exactly what this might be is left as an exercise to the reader.

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