Monday, February 23, 2009

More Gym Woes

Random musings from the gym today:

1) Gym after spicy Italian food. Not the best idea I've ever had.

2) I pulled into the lot a bit past 8PM, and had to drive around for a minute and a half looking for parking. Huh. Weird.

3) Ok, I understand that one of the, shall we say "perks", of single-sex locker rooms is that you can walk around naked and no one's supposed to care. And if you're going from the shower to the locker, whatever, that's fine. If you're toweling off right before getting dressed at the locker, whatever, that's fine too. However. If you insist on walking around the entire locker room, from the showers, to your bench, to the urinals, and then to the sinks to do some kind of weird intricate wiggling ritual that draws horrified looks from everyone walking by, that is MOST DEFINITELY NOT OKAY!! >:O

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