Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Liveblogging Part 2 - Bobby Goes National!!

Next up: Bobby Jindal, the up-and-coming young Republican governor of Louisiana, to give the Republican rebuttal. This guy is largely viewed as the next Obama, but for Republicans, and has made a big show of refusing some of the stimulus money that passed Congress a few days ago.

10:24PM - Jindal sounds like he's lecturing to a group of students, with a really REALLY rehearsed speech.

10:26PM - Ok, are we seriously going to have an entire speech of this? It sounds like a commercial.

10:27PM - I take that back, it sounds like a campaign commercial.

10:27PM - Ok, memo to Bobby: don't use the government's response to Katrina as an example of why government isn't a good idea. America's pretty much internalized that Bush was in charge then.

10:28PM - Ok, decent bit about buearucrats.

10:31PM - I'm not sure what the bit about private health insurance was about. If you're going to say that you're in favor of private insurance, then you should know that the prohibitting factor for most people right now is that private health care is too exensive.

10:34PM - Jindal talks about Republicans losing the trust of the people after they've strayed from their principles. That would be a bit more believable if it didn't come right as a Democrat took the presidency.

10:36PM - 9/11!!

10:36PM - 12 minutes. Wow, that was short.

Final Verdict: eh
The rebuttal is always difficult, but honestly, I don't think Jindal did himself or the Republicans any favors tonight. The entire thing sounded too much like a campaign commercial ... too many talking points with really few details with a weird voice inflection that made it sound like he was always ending the address.

It was also very short. My best guess is that they had something in there about Obama raising taxes, but after Obama's clear explanation of who would get tax increases and who would get tax cuts, they probably had to cut it out, since it would've just seemed stupid.

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