Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Weekend

A few minutes ago I had a sudden thought: "You know, this was a great weekend." I have no idea what prompted it, but it's true.

I had a good time and a good dinner with Justin on Friday evening, a good time getting (wrongly) lynched by townspeople playing Mafia at Ravi's loft on Friday night, a great afternoon with Kellen on Saturday, a nice long walk in the rain on Saturday night, a relaxing Sunday morning with a purring cat sleeping at my side, then I baked 3 different kinds of muffins while watching the Eagles kick the crap out of the Giants on Sunday afternoon, and now I'm all set for a relaxing Sunday evening that I will spend cheering against Pittsburgh and trying a healthy new fish recipe from Rachel Ray that's going to be tonight's dinner.

You know, life can be good.

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