Wednesday, January 07, 2009

14 Days and Counting

14 days until Jan 20th, when we finally get rid of Bush. In case any of you need reminding, here's what we're getting rid of:
In December, President-elect Obama asked the White House if he and his family could move into Blair House — the White House’s guest house — a week early, so that his daughters Malia and Sasha could start school. The White House rebuffed them, saying the house was already booked for another guest. A White House source added that “Blair House was appalled” by the request.
Most people, including myself, gave the Bush White House the benefit of the doubt on this, and assumed that there actually was someone booked.

As ThinkProgress now reports, that wasn't exactly the case. Rather, Blair House was completely free when the Obama's asked, and only after the fact did Bush ask former Australian PM Howard to come and stay, for one night only, so that Bush could have a plausible excuse for denying the Obamas' request.

*Sigh* ... there are words to describe people like this. "Petulant" and "childish" come to mind. Jan 20th can't come quick enough.

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