Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Cat Blogging

Lucy recovers the way cats recover best: by finding a warm cozy spot and wedging herself into it.
And what, exactly, was Lucy recovering from, you ask? Well, she had to spend a week with these two: Meet Sullivan "Kitty Beast" Henry (left) and Cosmo "Razz Matazz" Heberlein (right), Brandon's and Katie's cats. While Cosmo and Lucy don't really mind each other, Kitty Beast does not appreciate the presence of other cats, and does not hesitate to make his displeasure known. When he wasn't jumping at the window trying to attack Socks (the neighbors' cat who likes us better), he was growling, hissing, attacking, and doing his best to make life as difficult as possible for Lucy. Needless to say, whenever Lucy slept, she did so with one eye open, and didn't get much rest, hence the exhaustion.

Of course, even troublesome Kitty Beasts have photogenic moments. Here's Sullivan showing off his ferocious tree-eating skills:

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