Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Travel Thoughts

Well, I'm back home in Richmond. I tried a new route back home this time; rather than taking 83 to Baltimore and then 95 around DC to Richmond, I took 81 south to Staunton and then 64 over to Richmond. Basically, I decided to go this way because even though it adds over 100 miles to the trip, it completely bypasses NOVA, which is bad anytime, but particularly bad during any holiday travel time. In that respect it worked, but it was still a miserable trip.

To start out, we had fog. LOTS of fog. Can't see more than 50 feet in front of you fog.
Then I finally broke through the front barrier, which meant no more fog, but also meant that the temperature jumped 20 degrees from 37 to 57, and stayed there. Ugh.

The 200 miles on 81 south felt like it took forever, but the worst part of the trip was definitely my sinuses. For whatever reason (and I have several hypotheses), I always get a cold when I go up north to my parents place, and usually my asthma starts to act up too. This time was no exception, so I was driving last night with a stuffed up nose and sinuses. I had a bunch of tissues with me, and most of the trip wasn't so bad, but when I went over the mountain just west of Charlottesville and then came down, the pressure difference was too much for my sinuses to handle. Something clogged, and I found myself unable to breath out of my nose, and with my left ear feeling like it was going to explode. Trying to blow my nose only made it worse. UGH. I was like this for 80 minutes, until finally, just after getting to Richmond, my ear finally popped and the pressure equalized. Even so, I felt miserable.

Today I'm taking it easy, doing some laundry, some vacuuming, watching some football (will the Lions go 0-16?), and sustaining myself with oranges and green tea with honey.

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